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Programming, a headache or a fun :p

Have you ever gone to the picnic? Yeah of course you would surely have visited many places, and for this you would have done some preparations also. You have many things in mind, and people try their best to fulfill all that they think. Like somebody visiting water-park, before he goes their he thinks that he would slide, swim have a wonderful lunch etc there. It’s all about what he thinks, but it’s not sure that he would do each and everything he thinks. Things he taught were his “PROGRAMMING” and what he applied and got was the outcome or you call “RESULT”. Whenever we need to do something we have to make our mind how do we have to do it and thinking this we design the whole agenda and work according to it. Sometimes we also feel that doing something would be difficult, so we escape that things. These all things made you a good programmer.

What the point is, Programming is not simply concerned with the languages at computer, and we all are programmers at ground level. We program daily according to our needs, thus you can say everyone is a “BORN-PROGRAMMER” in a broad sense.Now coming to the programming sense related to the computer, we have many definitions. The simplest definition of making program is to tell the computer what you want from the computer, or simply the language you are using. It will transfer the requirements to the computer, and by working at it, would produce the required result. Every programmer is very keen to get the required result, and for this he works hard to get the “Most Effective Code”. The phrase I used means a lot. The programmer doesn’t need just the solution. He requires the “BEST” solution, so that there’s no possibility that one can say, that something better can be done for better result, doing the programming at that level and writing the that sort of code is called the “Most Effective Code”.

As starting from the beginner level, we would be talking about the beginner level programming. And by increasing step by step performance we would be telling you how to write the most effective code. A person starts enjoying programming when he builds his interest in it, and its definite, the interest is automatically build when results come in-front of your eyes. We all know how computers cleaned all the mess when it sorted everything in a perfect manner. By using codes we can do our work in an efficient way. The simplest example is writing of counting from 1 to 100. How long would a person take to write from 1 to 100, if he would write so quick, his timing would be ranging from 2 to 3 minutes, but by using a code of one simple line you can write the whole counting, and the interesting thing is that in the same the same time, you can write not only till 100, but 1000, 10000 or what you want. Isn’t this interesting?

The blog is all about to make your interest in this particular section, and let you know the power of “PROGRAMMING”, and remember no one is efficient at first, everyone had worked hard to get the momentum. The first things is, build your interest, and second if you got stuck somewhere, we are here to help you out, leave your question in the queries section, and find the answers.

The conclusion is, that practicing in a routine and doing efforts are always helpful to get the required result; the further articles will tell you know the further tricks. And for this keep visiting our blog and yes, leave the comment.


Asjad Azeem.

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    • Aroob
    • January 3rd, 2011

    good job…quite informative and descriptive..

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